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Joined: May/25/2008
Name: Iceweed
Guild: The Hunted Cow Tippers
Guild Title: Guild Recruiter
Allies: panther312, Melker04, TheSlope, fogrizzle, zombie42
Enemies: My Buffers
Medals: None
Auction House: NA
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I joined May 25 2008. I have quickly risen to level 150+ and am one of the top 7,000 players in the game. I am active virtually everyday. I joined The Hunted Cow Tippers shortly after I started playing. I quickly rose up the ranks and am now a Guild Recruiter with over 6,000,000 xp contributed.


THCT may not be the strongest guild, but it is the best guild. As a member, I promise this. Most guilds are run like an organization, but here at THCT we are a family. Everyone knows everyone else. Our chat is one of the most active in FS. Our founder, TheSlope, is both kind, funny, and fair.

The Hunted Cow Tippers is a great guild. Contact me if you want to join.


I'm level 150.

Progress to next lvl:


- Loyalty (Bronze) - 5_1.gif


My buffers are:

  • Maynoth
  • Mondoran
  • misterpoo
  • PumaDiAce
  • Radrine