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Global quests were added to the game in February 2012 as a way of encouraging community spirit and teamwork. The quests are fairly uncommon, extend over a period of four to five days, and require the members of the community to kill as many of a specific target creature (or creatures) as possible during that time. The creatures are low-level enough that most players will have no problem killing them, and they spawn in a wide variety of maps throughout the realms. In addition, some global quests have additional features, such as craftable items from components dropped by the target creatures.

Each Global Quest has an associated reward. Thus far, all such rewards have been containers offering the user's choice of 2-3 potions. The number of such containers received is determined by the number of kills achieved by the community. For details, see the page for specific Global Quest in which you are interested (which is linked to in the table above). In addition, in some Global Quests, attaining higher tiers unlocks stronger and more beneficial potion choices.

To earn the quest's reward, the player must kill at least a specified number of target creatures, which varies from quest to quest. Once a player has done so, he is "Qualified." Originally, all qualified players received the same reward, regardless of the number of creatures killed. However this was changed with the 31 July, 2012 Global Quest, where players were given better rewards for accruing higher numbers of creatures killed. For some global quests, additional prizes are awarded for being in the top 100, top 10, or top 3 list for killing the most quest creatures. Again, see the specific page for the Global Quest in which you are interested for more information.

In addition to the unique reward associated with each Global Quest, there are also two series of medals associated with Global Quests. The Global Quest Qualified Medal is awarded to individuals qualifying in a particular global quest, and the Global Quest Top 100 Medal is awarded to the 100 individuals in each Global Quest who kill the largest number of target creatures. Like all medals, each is available in six levels of difficulty: bronze, silver, gold, crystal, ruby. and diamond.

Summary of Past Global Quests

Date Event Kills Tier Details
124.02.2012 Zorgrom vs Shroud 7,814,185 Silver Global Quest 24-02-12
229.03.2012 Darksun Dragons 6,128,675 Crystal Global Quest 29-03-12
331.07.2012 Zombie Yeomen 17,217,476 Ruby Global Quest 31-07-12
404.09.2012 Gargantuan Mosquitos 13,907,822 Ruby Global Quest 04-09-12
530.10.2012 Oidche Shamhna 67,559,336 Ruby Global Quest 30-10-12
604.03.2013 Zorgrom vs Shroud 14,500,000 Gold Global Quest 04-04-13
720.05.2013 Zombie Yeomen 17,672,991 Ruby Global Quest 20-05-13
815.07.2013 Gargantuan Mosquitos 18,839,297 Ruby Global Quest 15-07-13
915.08.2013 Darksun Dragons 14,449,111 Crystal Global Quest 15-08-13
1029.10.2013 Oidche Shamhna 66,255,625 Ruby Global Quest 29-10-13
1115.02.2014 Gargantuan Mosquitos 16,200,000 Crystal Global Quest 15-02-14
1126.01.2023 Rise of the Wraiths XXVI Ruby Global Quest 26-01-23
1123.02.2023 Thieves in the Night V Crystal Global Quest 23-02-23
1123.03.2023 Gargantuan Mosquitos XVII Ruby Global Quest 23-03-23
1113.04.2023 Shadow Bunny Showdown X Ruby Global Quest 13-04-23
1127.04.2023 Pinata Frenzy XXVI Global Quest 27-04-23

Top 100 Performers Lists

A list of the top 100 performers for each Global Quest can be found here.

Note that this list is hosted on the game server, and you must be logged into the game to see it.