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Gamblor 4.jpg Satans rejects.jpg


About Gamblor

currently level 75,

The original loyalty medalist,

Rising star of Fallensword,

PVP rating over 1500,

Bounty hunter - inexpirienced,

Member of TheRetreat,

Avatar creator,

See bio for more info.

Gamblor's medals

Loyalty medal bronze on 10th march 2008 at 02:41 5 1.gif

Adventurer medal bronze on 15th march 2008 at 14:21 8 1.gif

Loyalty medal silver on 11th june 2008 at 15:49 5 2.gif

About Satans Rejects

A new guild, formed on 23/06/08,

Avatar made by yours truly,

Guild founder is my good friend gonzaron

currently has 4 members

Skills for sale

Skills for sale are as follows:

Adept learner lv 130 - only 2k 19 b.gif

Find item lv 130 - only 2k 16 b.gif

Librarian lv 130 - only 5k 20 b.gif

Merchant lv 130 - only 5k 21 b.gif

Gamblor's current Status

I am currently leveling up to 90 so i may wear the decay set.

After this i will aim on improving the guild and earning some more medals

Gamblor's inventory

please take some time to look at the expensive stuff i have in my invontory here: