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This page is set up just like my Profile, except with more information and will be updated nearly as often.


Check stamina if I have none no buffs.
Sustain may not be %100 usually is though.

level of buff-price

140 Find Item-5k
140 Adept Learner-5k
140 Librarian-5k
140 Merchant-5k
140 Treasure Hunter-8k
140 Deflect-25k
  • Discounts may be available for multiple buffs
Free Buffs for guildmates

Item Store

  • just becuase you offer me a price doesn't mean I will accept.

Void sale:

None currently up for bids
a complete set FF/Perfect might be available soon.

Cu Sith sale:

a complete set FF/Perfect might be available soon.

King Au Xenahs sale:

a complete set FF/Perfect might be available in a month or two.

Uniques Sale: no prices set currently

Drake Ring-FF(GL)
Drake Rune-FF/Perfect(GL)

Common/Rare sale: no prices set currently

Hell Fire Medal-FF
Boots of Gemdah-FF
Helmet of Mystal-FF
Greater Helmet of Felagor-FF
Ring of Erapo-FF
Ghua Slate Armor-FF/Perfect
Helmet of Sorthindal-FF (GL)

That's it for now... maybe more later.


  • Enemies are players target to delevel, becuase of one reason or multiple they have gotten on my bad side.
Must PM me before deleveling for rewards!
Up to 1 fsp per attack on targeted player
a minimum of 30k will be rewarded
PM me for details on getting a reward
Niether enemy or guildmates of enemies may recieve buffs at ANY price
payment of 10fsp to be removed from enemies, may be paid for by their guild