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Joined: 20/07/2007
Name: drag0n10rd
Guild: The white dragon
Guild Title: Guardian of the Dragons Lair
Allies: Baralai1, dragonx26, JimDiGrizz, knight30, Kstorms, LinkHyral, LittleJom, tennisguy and Zeen
Enemies: Alecterum, donvan, folderdan, imanoobjim, Roan and Skirnir
Medals: Bounty Master (bronze), Recruiting (silver), Loyalty (silver) and Adventurer (bronze)
Auction House: My auctions
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Earned Medals

  • Bounty Master (bronze)

0_1.gif Complete at least 50 bounty hunts.

  • Recruiting (silver)

1_2.gif Recruit at least 100 players to the game.

  • Loyalty (silver)

5_2.gif Log into the game on at least 90 different days.

  • Adventurer (bronze)

8_1.gif Complete at least 25 quests.

  • Annual Service (bronze)

9_1.gif Play FallenSword for 1 years.


Category Name Points Image Price
Offence Enchant weapon 115 (+25) 5_sm.gif 5 000 0.png
Offence Berserk 115 (+25) 3_sm.gif 5 000 0.png
Special Treasure Hunter 115 (+25) 17_sm.gif 5 000 0.png
Special Adept Learner 115 (+25) 19_sm.gif 5 000 0.png
Special Librarian 115 (+25) 20_sm.gif 5 000 0.png
Special Merchant 115 (+25) 21_sm.gif 5 000 0.png
Special Find item 115 (+25) 16_sm.gif 5 000 0.png

Bounty Hunter

I take all bounties with good rewards! I give 10% up to 5k of the reward for repairs. Will ask to do a bounty but will attack first if reward is high. I will normally only use 10 stamina attacks unless there is a reason to use more. Some reasons I would use anything other than 10 stamina attacks would be if the bountied player has attacked me before, put a bounty on me for completing their's, if the player has been issued a deleveling party, or if the player who created the bounty has payed for the attack (see below for information on this)

Special Business

There are always players that attack others. Many become angry with their attack because it caused them loss of experience, gold, and/or PvP rating. These people place a bounty on the attacker to make them pay for their actions. This is where i come in!

I offer you my services in making them pay the price for attacking you! For a few FSP I will 100 stamina attack any bounty you make causing extreme loss of experience and complete depletion of any gold they possess! They will think twice before attacking you again knowing I will soon be coming!

1 pp_button.gif =1 100 stamina attack

3 pp_button.gif =4 100 stamina attacks!

7 pp_button.gif =10 100 stamina attacks! (must be informed before bounty is placed if you want this deal)

Refunds are given only if something happens on my end. such as connection failure or unfinished attacks due to me being slow (in this case I will return part of the payment depending on how many I have already completed)

Attackers get a beating

(Only exception is if it is for a bounty) I have no tolerance for being attacked! If you attack me you become a target where I can channel my anger on! Every time I get on you can expect a large amount of your experience/gold soon to be missing! If you think some bounties put onto me will stop the attacks think again! This will only cause the attacks to continue longer and occur more! I will continue the slaughter until I believe you are truly sorry for causing damage to my character!

Special Thanks

To Roan for creating my wiki page. wouldn't have it without him!