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Victory.jpg My...what's this, umm...seventh page dedicated to me? Am I that egotistical?


Well, that's a pretty blanket statement. And blanket statements deserve blanket answers! It all started with a fabulous website called[1], where I saw an Advert for Fallen Sword. Intrigued, I clicked on it, joined the game, and began my time of merriment on the 14th of June, 2007. That was coincidentally the summer I graduated from high school, so I had quite a bit of free time on my hands...well, most of the time.

Soon after I joined, I met a fabulous person called lilwoogie, who was the head of a guild called Liegions of Horrion. I shant go into detail of what happened, but let it be known that The Eternal Warrios, or member who are now in TEW anyways, basically came in and killed the guild. All my friends from that guild (all 7 of them...) were soon lost, and became inactive, forever, with the exception of one who fails to come to mind...but he seems to remember me.

Oh, say about level 40ish, I was invited by an even greater person to an even greater guild. The great Fallen Sword player called Hatern invited me into his guild (which sadly, is now in shambles compared to what it once was), Eternal Legends. I stayed here for many levels, all the way to level 150. I made a lot of friends there as well, whom were more memorable than my former guildmates: Hatern, lazymama, cheetos185, Azaezel, prix13, QueenSChan, CoolJordan, Chimaera69, RottenOne, bones7074, and numerous others who made playing the game all the more enjoyable.

However, yet another good guild came to a close, not so much from other guilds, coming in, but from our own players going to other guilds. So people left, and for a while, all that were left were Hatern, Azaezel, prix13, QueenSChan, Cooljordan, and myself. My other greatest friends, lazymama and RottenOne, had made another guild (the one I am now currently in, Death B 4 Dishonor. They invited me several times to join, but I refused to leave the guild I grew up with.

With time, Eternal Legends became even more of a graveyard, and soon I left as well. I then joined DB4D, and rejoined my old friends lazymama and RottenOne. I've been in it for a few months now, and other than taking breaks for college-related matters, I don't see myself ever leaving.

I suppose that's the short impersonal account of my FS adventures. If anything ELSE happens however, I'll probably write about it, because I have that much free time.

Current Statistics

         Last Updated: October 30, 2008

Level: 175

VL: 175

XP: 52,690,275

Joined: 14/Jun/2007

Attack: 677

Defense: 25

Armor: 859

Damage: 2047

HP: 90

PvP Rating: 1,391 Bank: 0

Kill Streak: 218 Arena Wins: 0

Max Stamina: 1,500



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