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Gods Tears

The Rain drizzled over the field and on a ridge on horse back sat a man his face toward the sky letting the rain Splash onto his face he then says a few words and fervent prayer as another horse man pulls along side him. "God washes the face of the earth with his tears." The man lowers his head and stares far ahead "It's not over." The horse man at his side sighed. "I don't believe it ever will be over-at least not in our favor." "Have faith my brother, have faith and we shall win. But I believe it will be a long war." "Indeed. The battle for the plains of Ethreal has even the men of stoutest heart demoralized." "Yes-yes but we must push foward or be beaten back. Brother Prepare the Legion. For tomorrow we fight against Hell its self!" "Yes Deamoz!" The second horse men then gallops down the hill and into the camp of The Holy Defenders

Deamoz > To be continued