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I'm Darkhavans. Some may know me as the one who tried and tried to get an unofficial wiki going, but semi-failed. Now that the official wiki is up, I'm going to mainly be spending any Fallensword related time on here, editing. I've really lost interest in Fallensword. I think it's a great browser MMORPG, but I've currently become re-engrossed in Final Fantasy XI.


I have tons of experience with wiki-markup. I'd love to help anyone who needs it out, and have some great places for you to go to help get you started. Wiki-markup is a really simple markup language, more simple than HTML at least. So if you need some help, put a message up on my talk page!

To-Do List

  • Example User
  • New Templates
  • Reformatting
  • Fixing any tiny mistake as it's found.


Quick Links


My Guides


Sandbox 1
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Sandbox 3

Other Links

User Signatures Explained