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Joined: 08/Jan/2008
Name: Darkguy177
Medals: Darkguy177Medals.jpg
Guild: Mythical Outlawz
Allies: Aznjaruri, Dognogard, Vexii, Wormyapple
Enemies: Darkguy177


Guild And Guild Rank

My guild is Mythical Outlawz. Been with them since the start, at level 6. I will not leave the Outlawz.

Guild Rank: Mad Buffer Windofrath: And there he goes riding off into the sunset. Sir don't you know? That was the Mad Buffer riding through our town! (This is when I was logging off)


Darkguy177 appeared suddenly in the world of the Fallen Sword, confused. After a few minutes, he gained his sense back, and decided to set off. He somehow knew that he must become stronger if he were to try save Erildath. So, as everybody else did, Darkguy177 set off to kill some rats. Five days into his adventure, he saw a group of bandits approaching. Wary, he went to meet them. There seemed to be two leaders, who dressed in fine clothes. One of them, Xofnogard, addressed Darkguy177. The Mythical Outlawz were looking for more Outlawz. Darkguy177 was invited to try join. Darkguy177 agreed, and soon joined this guild. He introduced himself, but was just one of many new recruits. After a 7 day trial, Darkguy177 was considered worthy, and was promoted to the next rank. Over the course of several months, Darkguy177 fought monster after monster, creature after creature, doing a quest here and there. He climbed the ranks of the Mythical Outlawz, until he was ranked a true outlaw.

Darkguy177 one day went on vacation. Once he came back 3 days later, the guild was in turmoil. One founder, cpt79, had left, as well as Ogrvity, the store manager, and 7 other members. Soon Xofnogard and Sylvaticus (Guild Enforcer) sorted out the ranks.

Everybody except a few people were demoted, a loss of morale in the guild for a while. More quit and moved to different guilds. Darkguy177 stayed though, with many other guildmates. Soon, Darkguy177 got a offer from RedWolf72 (General of the Elite Gaurd) to join the Elite Gaurd of the Mythical Outlawz. The Elite Gaurd attack anybody who decides to attack a guildmate. Darkguy177 accepted quickly, and was soon promoted to Elite Gaurd. Attacking all who attacked his guildmates was now his job, and he enjoyed it.

Most notable of his attacked was Stonenap62, who lost 150k+ experience at the hands of Darkguy177. At level 112, Darkguy177 joined the OSBH Forum (Old School Bounty Hunters). He is a supporter of their cause.

At level 112, Darkguy177 realized it was hard to train, and tedious. So he spent time buffing his guildmates, with about 85 to 150 buffs each day. Soon he reached and surpassed even his level 200 guildmates, who had 2000+ buffs to guildmates. Darkguy177 was Number 1 buffer in his guild. Around this time, Windofrath ranked Darkguy177 up to MAD BUFFER. Now Darkguy177 still has the most buffs to guildmates in his guild, at over 3350! Second place in his guild is David1982 (Level 230), with about 10 buffs less than Darkguy177. Third is Xofnogard, with a little over 2000 buffs.

Darkguy177 continues to level and buff to this day. Known as the Mad Buffer, nobody in his guild knows if they'll get hit by mass buffs or not.


All buffs are free to fellow Mythical Outlawz guildmates.
Cost is 10 gold per level of buff, packs excluded. Offense

Rage[41]410 gold Fury[41]410 gold Bloodthirst[30]300 gold Enchant Weapon[26]260 gold Stun[26]260 gold Berserk[30]300 gold Holy Flame[0]0 gold


Great Vigor[26]260 gold Evade[26]260 gold Fortify[26]260 gold Absorb[26]260 gold Rock Skin[0]0 gold Enchanted Armor[0]0 gold


Deep Pockets[26]260 gold Defiance[26]260 gold Find Item[135]1350 gold Treasure Hunter[135]1350 gold Adept Learner[135]1350 gold Librarian[135]1350 gold Merchant[135]1350 gold

Leveling Pack: AL Lib - 2500 gold (200 gold cheaper!) Gold collection Pack: TH Mer - 2300 gold (400 gold cheaper!) Leveling and gold pack: AL Lib TH Mer - 4500 gold (900 gold cheaper!) Find item included into above pack: 1000 gold (350 gold cheaper!) Offensive pack: All offense buffs listed above - 1900 gold (40 gold cheaper!) Defensive Pack: All defense buffs above - 1000 gold (40 gold cheaper!) Special Pack: All special buffs above - 6500 gold (670 gold cheaper!) All:9k (1150 gold cheaper!)

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