Bonfires, Celebrations and Explosions! (BFN)

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5 Mountain Path (7, 11) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Cathedral of Ways (6,4)
  3. Go to Cathedral of Ways (Basement) (7,5)
  4. Return to Cathedral of Ways (Basement) (7,5)
  5. Return to Cathedral of Ways (Basement) (7,5)
  6. Return to Cathedral of Ways (6,4)
  7. Go to Cathedral of Ways (Basement) (7,7)
  8. Return to Cathedral of Ways (6,4)


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Player Note: Quest was available Nov 5th - Nov 8th 2010 & was made available a second time Nov 2013


You are sitting around the bonfire joining the Monks and peasants in a simple holiday ritual, celebrating the transition from autumn to winter. Just as you are thinking that it is nice to have a day where no evil creatures are trying to eat you or generally spoil things, you notice a shadowy figure skulking around the Cathedral.

You ask one of the Brothers of the Way if there are any Brothers or Sisters still in the Cathedral. 'Yes, Brothers Brian and Giles as well as Sister Andrea are still at their stalls. Beyond that most of us are here celebrating. Why?' You tell the Brother not to worry. You will just do a quick search of the Catherdral.

You investigate the Cathedral and ar in the Portal Hall when you see Sister Andrea creeping about.

The Sister jumps and spins around with a yelp. 'Oh! Warrior! You scared me!' You ask her what she's doing. 'Oh, I heard a noise. Brothers Brian and Giles are minding our stalls so I thought I'd have a look. It sounded like it came from the Back of the Portal Hall.' You tell her to stay put and head off to investigate.

You find a basement through a door you've never noticed at the back of the Portal Room. You see someone in the room, moving a barrel.

The person spins around and throws a dagger which you deftly dodge. You draw your weapon and charge the fellow. You dispatch him with ease but are not surprised when more come racing out of the other doorways, galvanised by a person who appears to be their ring leader. You'll have to fight through the corrupted merrymakers to get to him.

The Corrupted Merrymakers must be thinned out to get the their ring leader.

With his corrupted minions defeated, you'll have to take down the Shadowlords Minion (Champion). Find him and find out what he's up to.

You confront the Shadowlords Minion (Champion).

With the Minion defeated, you search through his pockets and find a scroll. It appears to be a Magical Detonation Recipe. You'd better show this to Sister Andrea. You receive 'Magical Detonation Recipe'.

You return to Sister Andrea. 'Did you find out what that noise was?'

Sister Andrea exclaims quite loudly, making you cringe. 'This will allow the intruders to blow the Cathedral up!' You tell her that they are minions of the Shadowlord making her exclaim loudly again. 'No! We can't allow that. Here. Follow the recipe with these changes.' She alters a few of the quantities of the recips requirements. 'Here. Use this. That'll change the magic of the explosion. It'll go off but cause no damage. You will have to place the Magic defuser in the central bunch of barrels. The magic will radiate to any others and change the nature of the explosion.' You thank her and rush off.

You rush to the central barrels, hoping the last of the Minions are gone.

You place the Defuser and hope that the good Sister was correct. A moment later, the defuser glows and the barrels explode into bright pink light which seems to sink into the walls. You have a feeling that something has gone very right. You better get to Sister Andrea and tell her what happened.

You see Sister Andrea. She seems awfully pleased! 'It worked, didn't it?'

'Superb! I believe you have saved the Cathedral. I saw bright pink light flow through the stone of the Cathedral itself and I reckon we'll see the final results of that soon! C'mon. Let's go to the Bonfire. I'll see if there are any Jacket Potatoes left!' You receive 'Jacket Potato' and 234 Xp.