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Basically, I am awesome. :) I shall hunt down your super elites for you!

If you hold too much gold I WILL hit you, bounties do not scare me.

NAP's: Thaunknown, falpel. Ally not listed: Warg.

Previous guilds: Xmen guild (level 3-4), Unit one (level 4-6), Dark Animality (level 6 - 150), The Wicked Players (level 150 - 160), Knights of Renown (level 160-180), Terra Est Quaestuosa (level 180-208), For Fracks Sake (level 208-212), back in Dark Animality (level 212 - 274), Through The Eyez of Demonz (level 274), Now I'm in a great guild! [1] Super Elite Warriors (level 274-)

Present guild: Super Elite Warriors!

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