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Player ID: 1214858

Medals: 8_1.gif
Guild: The Paladin Order
Rank: Paladin Recruiter
Allies: All my Paladin Brethren and then some
Herbalists: None
Joined: 16/Jan/2008

"I am loyal to my fellow Paladins. I am trustworthy, honorable, upstanding and fair. I defend the weak and honor the strong."




From the humble beginnings on the Mountain Path, where even natives and rats gave him trouble, Bagavond has emerged as a true soldier of light. He scraped and clawed his way through the early levels, alone and wandering. All that time he was searching, yearning, looking for the greater good.

After countless days in the wilderness, Bagavond found The Paladin Order. He sought out their acceptance, and through the noble efforts of Moonstar83, he was allowed to join. Immediately he knew he had found his home. A place where he could be part of something bigger. With their immense support and kind words, Bagavond located a force of power in himself,which he did not realize existed.

From that point he has literally exploded through the realms. He has demolished creatures with devastating effectiveness and easily surpassed level 125 in his 1st 2 months.

Today he continues his journey. Fighting his way to the top.

About the Guild

Bagavond contributes greatly to The Paladin Order. As the Paladin Recruiter, he is dedicated to finding new Paladins, who will honor the guild as he does. He has done all he can to build the strength of the guild. Currently, The Paladin Order is the 78th strongest in all of the FallenSword world.

Daily contributions have been a custom to Bagavond. He contributes his knowledge, experience and support as well as gold, FSP's and high quality items, so that all may benefit.


Free to his fellow Paladins



Buff Level
  • 17_sm.gif
  • 50
  • 19_sm.gif
  • 135
  • 21_sm.gif
  • 135
  • 20_sm.gif
  • 135