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Guild Founder of Legio IX Hispania

Joined 2007.11.07

Likes: Campaigning in sunny weather in Hispania or southern Gaul, Falerian wine, parades - especially with exotic captives and wild animals. And the smell of new armor!

Dislikes: Barbarians who just will not get civilization, monsters, intrigue, laziness, bad weather, and bad wine.

Araldor arrived in Erildath with a small force from Legio IX when a gateway openned by forces unleashed in the battle against Mogroth appeared beneath them in a castrum (or maybe a taverna) in southern Hispania. Scattered throughout Erildath, they nevertheless are able to stay in touch because of the amazing postal system still operating there.
Will they get back? How does that postal system really work? And why does Araldor, a Roman tried and true, have a Sindarin name? The answers to these questions and many more are forthcoming.
Or not.