Zombie Treasure

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218 Yuzha (East) (12,4) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Yuzha (East) (5,11)
  3. Return to Yuzha (East) (5,11)


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You come across an old boat, possibly a wreck from the sea battle that occurred here once. You explore the boat but only find an unsent letter and a torn map. Will you read it?

The letter tells how one of the Swashbucklers buried the armada's treasure here on the island under some palm trees to keep it safe from battle. By the looks of things the ship and its occupants never made it back to sea. You head of to find the treasure.

Eventually you find the right resting place of the treasure. Will you open the Chest?

You try to open the chest but it is well locked. You look for another way to open the chest and see a small inscription on the chest that says that only the key master of the swashbucklers can open the chest. You hope that the key master’s zombie still roams this area and head off to kill the zombie and retrieve the key.

You have returned to the treasure chest. Have you got the Zombie Masters Key? Do you have the Key masters key?

You use the key and with a moan the chest opens. Inside the chest lies the Swashbucklers treasure, unspoiled after all these years. You gain 1x Pirate Crown of Swami, 156,110 XP and 50,000 gold.