Warped Goodness

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547 Yanyi Woods (Outer) (14,7) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Rune of the Sea
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Yanyi Woods (Hill) (5,12)
  5. Kill 1 Freed Minion (Champion)
  6. Return to Yanyi Woods (Hill) (5,12)


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A man dressed like a City Guard runs up down the wooded path.

The Guard comes to a stop, 'The Pandas, they have gone mad! Pandas I tell you! We heard reports that the Pandas were attacking travellers in the Woods, so we investigated and are astonished to find it's true. But they are extremely strong, we can't defeat them. Can you find out what is wrong with them?'

The City Guard stands by the wooded path staring at the wood as if it were on fire. 'Have you found out anything about the Pandas?'

The Guard takes the Rune, 'I'm sorry but I can't read this writing. But it's obviously a spell carved into this Rune. The Pandas do congregate on the Yanyi Woods (Hill). Maybe you could go there and see if there is any reason for this change in the Pandas'.

As you begin to climb the Hill, you are suddenly surrounded by a familiar darkness. In the murk you come across a wounded Lao Xan Guard Captain.

You bend down to help the Captain stand, but he pushes your hand and stands with a deep sigh. 'There is a stranger on the hill. He has cloaked the Hill in darkness and altered our beautiful Pandas into something twisted and spiteful. I was unable to bring this Wizard to justice. Please for the safety of Lao Xan, kill this foul man. I'm afraid that when he tires of torturing the Pandas he will move onto the City.'

The Captain is still standing despite the pain when you return. 'Have executed that wretched man?'

He gives a curt nod, 'I shall get my men to watch the Pandas for a while, maybe the Wizard's influence will wear off them in time. If not they will have to be killed. For your help warrior, take this Lao Xan Guard Shield. It denotes you a protector of the City and a Warrior of honor.' You receive 1,164,783 XP + 1 x Lao Xan Guard Shield