Void Research

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409 Citadel of Xinderoth (Floor 9) (16,16) Complete Final Exam quest



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Void Essence from Void Being
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Citadel of Xinderoth (Floor 9) (2,22)


Player Note:

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The air of the Citadel feels chilling as you breathe it in. You feel a burning in your mouth and try to resist the urge to breathe. It's as if the very nature of the world wants to hurt you. As you stumble choking through the corridors you come across a young woman staring into an orb. She seems totally at ease in this place. As you draw near she stops looking into the mystical device and addresses you directly, 'Ah, the help, good, are you all right? Some find the close proximity of the meta-real disturbing.'

She looses interest in you immediately and returns to staring into the orb, 'Good to hear it, the last Warrior sent to help couldn't even breathe. I'm trying to locate a good specimen but I'm having trouble. I was told I could find them with this, but it's not working very well. Go get me some Void Essence. I need it for my research.'

The young researcher has put aside her orb, it rests at her feet. As you approach she stands and addresses you impatiently, 'Have you the Void Essence?'

She takes the essence as if it will shatter at the slightest touch, 'Ahh, this is excellent work, the sample is perfect.' Now you can see the orb clearly you are surprised to see that it is not clear, you bend down and pick it up. The orb is filled with a grey smoke. As you look into it you see a shape in it's depths. The researcher says tartly, 'I take it you wish payment, well I will do a deal with you. Lead me to the Void Nexus and I shall let you have the orb.'

The void beings are vile Spirits. Their very presence is an affront to nature itself. The Researcher explains that they are a manifestation of anti-reality. The place where they were summoned into our 'plane' should be fascinating. When you find the purple vortex your are repulsed not fascinated. The Researcher is drawn to it, she is about to walk straight up the the horror swirling before you. You grab her before she gets too close. Angrily she turns to you, 'Why do you stop me!'

Some people are just too clever for their own good. You instinctively know the Void Nexus is not something you want to get near to. You watch the heavy crystal orb roll toward the vortex. When it is about 10 feet from the edge it slows down and begins to melt. The Researcher gasps, 'Ah, ok I've seen enough'. She turns and hurriedly walks away, you quickly stretch out your weapon and flick the object that was at the center of the orb free from the melting crystal.' You receive 600,741 xp + 1 x Xinderoth Scepter Shard 6.