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{{Playerbox Guiche|
{{Playerbox Guiche|
player_name=[http://www.fallensword.com/index.php?cmd=profile&player_id=2295226 Guiche]|
player_name=[http://www.fallensword.com/index.php?cmd=profile&player_id=2295226 Guiche]|
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*[http://www.fallensword.com/?cmd=auctionhouse&type=-3&tid=2295226 Guiche's Auctions]
*[http://www.fallensword.com/?cmd=auctionhouse&type=-3&tid=2295226 Guiche's Auctions]

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Guiche's History | The Disaster So Far | Progress | Guild Progress | Earth Magic Known
Joined: 10/Oct/2008
Rank: Fallen Sword Swordsman
medals: 5_2.gif 8_1.gif
Guild: romanian sword
Allies: JRMouton
Enemies: 95 times attacked

(95 bounties placed)
(1 warning offered)
(12 players deleveled)
...do they never learn?????


Guiche's History

The fourth son of the Marshal Gramont family.

Guiche de Gramont is in the Tristain Academy of Magic in the 2nd year.

A perfect playboy he is a Earth Magic expert known as "The Bronze".

Guiche's Familiar

The most charming, jewel attracted, giant mole Belldandy.


Guiche's Disaster

While attempting to send Hiraga Saito back to his world "Zero" Louise fails (what else?) and sends Guiche to an unknown place (Krul Island).

The Disaster So Far

Killed in Action

Killed by a Ice Witch in the Snow Forest (East) (didn saw her level... lol).

Killed by a Fell Demon in the Fiery Pit (missed him 3 times!!!).

Killed by a Corrupt Elf (Elite) in the Elven Hideout (pressed the wrong botton...).

Killed by a Corrupted Knight (Elite) in the Amazon Encampment (was soloing them...).

Killed by a Eredan Sorcerer (Elite) in the Moot Cave (pressed the wrong botton...).

Killed by a Vampire Magi (Champion) in the Moot Forest (West) (missed him 3 times!!!).

Killed by a Venus Man Trap in Utapo Flats (North) (must have steped on her...).

Killed by Players

The most time unattacked 29/Jan/2009 to 20/Feb/2009 - 22 days

(Time unattacked 13/Mar/2009 to 19/Mar/2009 - 6 days)

Bounty History

14:12 - 29/Oct/2008 - "Thank you for recently reporting tzutzay's message. The admin team has reviewed this now and has issued a warning against the user. Regards, The Fallen Sword Support Team."

Bounty Awards

25/Nov/2008 - 1st "Spetial Bounty Award" (50th bounty edition) as gone to Plocka... congratz...

15/Dec/2008 - The "Sexiest Bounty Award" (69th bounty edition) as gone to 781REDRUM... congratz...

The last "award" (95th bounty edition) as gone to griever003.

Delevel Prizes

17/Dec/2008 - 1st "Hat-Trick Delevel Award" (4 "Delevel Prizes" won) as gone to Drytyc... congratz...

Courtesy of kotekurtc, JRMouton, KingMinos and saladeras.

11/Dec/2008 - 1st "Spetial Delevel Prize" (5th delevel edition) as gone to Drytyc - courtesy of kotekurtc... congratz...

29/Jan/2009 - 2nd "Spetial Delevel Prize" (10th delevel edition) as gone to trucker101 - courtesy of 8Bools8... congratz...

The last "big prize" (12th delevel edition) as gone to griever003 (he actualy lost 2 levels during the time of the bounty) - courtesy of BurntPeon.


"Sorry, it is not currently possible to send this player messages! (This is due to the target player's preferences.)"

So... i could'n congratulate ongame:

Umpire - (90th bounty edition)

concon1234 - (91th/92th bounty edition)


29/Oct/2008 - Level 25

15/Dec/2008 - Level 50

19/Feb/2009 - Level 75

General Progress

01/Nov/2008 - Your Rank - 49,531st (+ 470) (Top 50,000)

05/Nov/2008 - Your Rank - 44,849th (+ 3,234) (Top 45,000)

20/Nov/2008 - Your Rank - 39,822nd (+ 788) (Top 40,000)

03/Dec/2008 - Your Rank - 34,747th (+ 269) (Top 35,000)

08/Jan/2009 - Your Rank - 29,450th (+ 676) (Top 30,000)

Best Rank Gain - 05/Nov/2008 - Your Rank - 44,849th (+ 3,234)

Kill Streak

Kill Streak as of 19/Feb/2009 - 17,521 - (247 - Top 250)

Kill Streak as of 25/Feb/2009 - 19,429 - (197 - Top 200)

Kill Streak as of 4/Mar/2009 - 22,581 - (139 - Top 150)

Kill Streak as of 10/Mar/2009 - 24,951 - (114th)

Kill Streak as of 19/Mar/2009 - 25,091


29/Oct/2008 - You have just been awarded a Bronze Adventurer Medal!

11/Nov/2008 - You have just been awarded a Bronze Loyalty Medal!

12:39 20/Jan/2009 - You have just been awarded a Silver Loyalty Medal!

Special Progress

06/Nov/2008 - Reached PvP Rating: 1,200 (needed for a quest)

02/Dec/2008 - Reached PvP Rating: 1,350 (needed for a quest)

Guild Rank Progress

04/Nov/2008 - Guiche has been assigned the rank 'Fallen Sword Lancer'

27/Nov/2008 - Guiche has been assigned the rank 'Fallen Sword Archer'

23/Dec/2008 - Guiche has been assigned the rank 'Fallen Sword Griffin'

20/Feb/2009 - Guiche has been assigned the rank 'Fallen Sword Swordsman'

Guild Special Progress

25/Nov/2008 - Groups Joined - 200

15/Jan/2009 - Groups Joined - 400

29/Jan/2009 - Skills Cast - 200

13/Mar/2009 - Skills Cast - 400

Soloed The Order of Knights in the GvG conflict initiated by akarnanas bringing the conflict to a draw.


1st pure leveling session (no quests to do) - 04/Nov/2008 - lvl 28 to 30 - (used the Stinking Rat Brew potion).

2nd pure leveling session (had quests to do but...) - 23/Dec/2008 - lvl 51 to 53 - (used the Christmas Present 2008).

3rd pure leveling session (no quests to do) - 28/Dec/2008 - lvl 53 to 54.

4th pure leveling session (no quests to do) - 13/Jan/2009 - lvl 64 to 65.


User:Guiche/Quest Book 1

User:Guiche/Quest Book 2

User:Guiche/Quest Book 3

User:Guiche/Quest Book 4

User:Guiche/Quest Book 5

User:Guiche/Quest Book 6




Earth Magic Known



Buff Level Price
  • 5_sm.gif
  • 105
  • 5000

No sustain...



Buff Level Price
  • 13_sm.gif
  • 105
  • 5000
  • 9_sm.gif
  • 90
  • 5000

No sustain...



Buff Level Price
  • 17_sm.gif
  • 105
  • 5000

No sustain...

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