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You are 8000 edits away from being able to make pages like this.

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I will ban users caught making blatantly incorrect, obscene, or harassing edits.
Depending on the severity of the vandalism, HCS may or may not be notified.
Be smart... don't give HCS any reason to terminate your account.
 log_1.gif I AM A GUILD FOUNDER +
Do not ask me to join your guild.
I have invested my time, gold, and FSP in my guild and will not leave it for any amounts of gold, FSP, promises of being your 'co-founder', or any other methods of bribery.

Do not ask my guild to merge with yours.
My guild members and I have all invested in our guild and do not want to trash our accomplishments to benefit you. We may not be the biggest or strongest guild, but we are proud of what we have managed to make for ourselves.

Do not entice my guild members to join your guild.
The members of my guild are happy where they are. If they were not happy, they would have already left. If any of them do wish to join another guild, they will go looking for it themselves, and would still probably not join yours. I do not try to steal your guild members, so do not try to steal mine.

Do not ask to buy my guild.
I realize you want to make a name for yourself in the game. However, buying a guild is probably the fastest way to show you don't have what it takes to be a leader in the game. A guild is supposed to be for the members and they will not respect someone anyone that buys control over them. Respect needs to be earned, not bought. Do yourself a favor... start your own guild and work for that reputation you so desire.

Do not ask me for gold, FSP, or anything else.
I am a guild founder. Everything I have MUST be invested in the guild.

My gold belongs to the guild.
My FSP belongs to the guild.
My buffs belong to the guild.
My items belong to the guild.
My stamina belongs to the guild.
My time belongs to the guild.

There is nothing left to give, nor would I otherwise be inclined to pass out freebies. What I have to give is better invested in the entire guild, not just one or two members, especially since the daily costs of guild operations are beyond what you can imagine! Because of this, know that I DO give you all I have on a daily basis, but in a manner that benefits the entire guild!

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few!
 log_2.gif FREE TO COPY! +
Please DO NOT edit my user page without my permission.

However, you are free to copy it as a layout for your own wiki user page. If I find my page copied,
I will not delete the copied parts.

If you need help making something the same way I have it, just ASK.

 log_2.gif WHY YOU CAN COPY
According to the copyright warning on every Edit Page, anything I post can and probably will be copied or edited.

This wiki is also under the Legal Code of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported.

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Because the content of this wiki is public domain, anything I post, to include the code used for my posts, is freely available to be used and copied by any other user. Users threatening to delete other copies of their code are in violation and the carrying out of their threats could be considered vandalism.
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offline.gif Feel free to use parts of my user page. Any credits linking back are appreciated. offline.gif