Tribal Rights

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105 Saneri Rocks (North) (9,11) [none]



  1. Obtain Sacred Idol, dropped by Zebra Centaurs in Oland Briar
  2. Go to Start
  3. Kill 30 Gerafires in Oland Briar
  4. Go to Kijanamo Wild (South) (4,13)


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You stumble across a strange tree. Tribal markings cover its surface right from the roots up to its high branches.

Upon examining the tree you notice a hollowed out section. As you near the tree a tribal witch doctor emerges. "We are at war with another tribe. Their Zebra Centaur came to this place and stole our sacred idol. Please, help us recover the sacred idol!"

"Did you manage to get the Sacred Idol?"

"Excellent! Perhaps you would be of more use by helping us fight the evil tribe... Seek our tribal leader at the temple in Kijanamo Wild South." (You gain 650 xp)

You encounter a large temple. Several guards stand outside the entrance, preventing anyone from access the temple. "You can only pass into the temple once you have proven yourself. Return once you have slayed 30 Gerafire!"

"Did you manage to slay all the Gerafire? Impressive... you may continue." The guards stand aside, allowing you access into the temple...

You approach the Tribal Chief...

"My Honored Guards tell me you have been most useful. Here, take this as a reward for the help you have given us." (You gain Spear of Azfalo and 42,589 xp)