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359 Great Plains (North) (11,8) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 15 Ragarims
  3. Return to Start
  4. Kill 20 Lonitals
  5. Return to Start


  • 539,794 XP

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You spot a figure running towards you across the vast grassy plains of this area. It seems to be charging at an alarming rate- looks like it may be readying to attack!

Standing with your weapon at the ready, you brace for the impact of the impending assault. However, to your surprise the figure slows to a halt and greets you! 'Hello stranger. Welcome to the land of my herd: the Ragarim. You may pass through our lands unhindered only if you help my herd in a trouble we've been having. The Lonital have hunted us since time past and until now all Ragarim have banded together to safeguard the herd. The hostile Ragarim you will have encountered are rouges and are trying to thin our numbers by collaborating with the Lonital. Can you kill some of these rouge beasts for me in exchange for safe passage through these lands?'

'Please tell me you have eliminated these traitors in our midsts?'

'Thank you stranger, you may now pass through our lands just as I promised. I would be honored however if you would do us a further service. You see, our numbers have been thinned so much by these traitors that the Lonital now outnumber us greatly and the balance of hunters and prey has been tipped in the Lonital's favor. Could you help restore the balance for me by eliminating some of the Lonital in this area?'

'Is the natural balance now restored? Can I rest easy over the future of my herd?'

'You are a true warrior and an honored friend of the herd! Feel free to traverse our lands whenever you see fit. I wish you good luck on your travels and may the ancient spirit of the herd guide you on your way!' You gain 539,794 XP.