The Worm Queen

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305 Eosi (North) (6,6) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Eosi (North) (12,13)
  3. Kill 30 Eosi Slime Worms
  4. Return to Start


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Deep in the cave you come across a strange albino being. The being tells you he is the last of his kind as the rest were devoured by the Eosi Slime Worms in a feeding frenzy. He wishes to exact his revenge upon the Queeen worm but is exhausted from his neverending personal war. He asks you if you will kill the queen for him. Will you do this?

You agree to help the albino as you yourself have have had your fair share of troubles with the Eosi Slime Worms. The albino tells you that the queen resides somewhere in the area and once she is dead to return to him.

You find a large area of thick slime and within it resides the slime worm queen. There appears to be no quards around her and she is to fat to defend herself. Will you kill her now?

You strike her insect head from her body with your weapon and the body squirts out a huge amount of foul smelling slime. However just as you turn to head back to the albino with the good news the area fills with the queens quards, attracted here by the smell. You will have to kill 30 of the Elosi Slime Worms before its safe to return to the albino.

You return to the albino being. have you killed all the Eosi Slime Worms and the queen?

The albino is happy you have avenged his people for him. Before the abino leves he rewards you with one of the mystical items his people once used. You gain 1 x Bioluminescent Rune & 333,793 xp.