The Wights Tombs

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185 Angal Caves (South) (2,5) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 10 Cave Wights
  3. Return to Start


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While searching the caves you come across a tomb. There is an inscription on the tomb will you read it?

The inscription reads "Here lies the body of Lithnal the Red. Reading this is a curse and you have unleashed 10 of the dead..." There is a sudden moan from behind you and you spot several Cave Wight’s rising from the ground. Send them back to the underworld then come back and finish reading the rest of the inscription...

You have successfully vanquished the Cave Wight’s and returned to read the rest of the inscription. Will you read it?

It reads "...Ye who fight my minions with valour shall receive my blessings and wear my armor." Suddenly the tomb cracks open and within is the skeleton of Lithnal the Red wearing his armor. You take the armor and move away quickly from this cursed area.You gain 1x Lithnal the Reds Armor.