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239 Faroth (West) (5,13) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 50 Feral Flames
  3. Return to Start


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As you explore the lands of Western Faroth you spot a huge group of Dark Elven Riders approaching your position. Will you stay and find out what they want with you?

The Dark Elf Riders approach and surround you, the Captain of the patrol demanding to know why you are in this area. You explain why, but they do not believe you and thus demand a tribute of loyalty to ensure that you are true to your word. The challenge they ask of you is that you go and kill 50 Feral Flame beasts. One of the riders will follow you on your task to ensure you complete it.

You arrive back at the Dark Elven Riders. They ask you if you have completed the task.

The Rider who accompanied you confirms this. The Riders are highly impressed as most have perished when taking on such a challenge. They agree to let you pass though their lands unchallenged by their tribe and award you with a special gift for completing the challenge. You gain 1 x Dark Elf Helm and 238,905 xp