The Statue

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124 Ethereal Plains (11,8) [none]



  1. Obtain Demon Statue Key
    dropped by Ipos Hellion (Champion)
  2. Go to Start


  • 50,322 XP
  • 3000 gold_button.gif

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The Etheral Plains are an eerie flat land, a warm wind generating a constant unearthly howl. Suddenly you come across an ancient statue of a demon jutting out of the ground. A voice comes from the statue calling for help. Will you heed this cry for help from the statue?

You call out to the statue of the demon and ask what it needs help with. It turns out that the statue is the prison of a princess trapped there by an evil Elf wizard dressed in black. The princess tells you that the wizard has entrusted the special key to her magical statue prison to an Ipos Hellion (Champion) in the area for safe keeping. It’s up to you to kill the Ipos Hellions in the area in order to find the one with the key and release the princess.

"Have you got the key?" asks the trapped princess.

You use the key and the statue breaks apart to release the princess. "Here is all the gold i have on me. I cant thank you enough for saving my life!" The princess then skips off into the distance. (You gain 3000 gold and 50,322 xp.)