The Shadows Cave

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307 Eosi (East) (5,12) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Eosi (East) (9,7)
  3. Kill 20 Shadow Cave Crawlers
  4. Return to Eosi (East) (9,7)


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You discover the skeleton of a man deep in the cave. The items he carried are still with the bones of the man and you decide to take a look and see if their is anything of use worth taking. You find a journal. Will you read it?

You read the journal and towards the end of it the writer describes how he has found the cave where the Shadow Cave Crawlers are comeing from and that he has almost closed off the entrence to stop them coming into this realm. The writer obviously died on the way back to close the rest of the cave as he was carring demolition tools with him. You deside to take the tools and finish the job. find the cave and close it. You gain 1 x Demolition Tools.

You find what must be the cave. It is partly caved in already. Will you use the Demolition Tools to start the cave in?

You set to work on the cave with the tools. Inside the bag you find some explosives and begin to set them up also. Soon it becomes clear that you are being watched by something or someone and you turn round only to see the walls crawling with creatures. The Shadow Cave Crawlers dont want to loose their home and will try to stop you from compleating the demolition. You must kill 20 Shadow Cave Crawlers before returning to the cave.

You have returned to the cave. Have you killed the 20 Shadow Cave Crawlers?

You have made it safe for now to return to work again. You set up the fuse and light it. The following eplosion is huge but after the dust settles you are pleased to see the cave is compleatly sealed off stopping the Shadow Cave Crawlers from entering our world. You gain 366,375 xp and 1 x Demolition Hammer.