The Monolith

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123 Ethereal Badlands (15,3) [none]



  1. Go to Ethereal Badlands (15,3)
  2. Go to Ethereal Badlands (3,6)
  3. Go to Ethereal Badlands (15,3)


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You happen upon a strange monolith and are eager to explore it when all of a sudden you are set upon by a pack of Leviathans of Dion who seem to be guarding a strange monolith. Will you fight for your life?

"You must kill 10 Leviathans of Dion in the area before returning to explore the strange monolith."

You have killed all the Leviathans of Dion. Do you wish to explore the monolith?

You deside to continue exploring the monolith and within you find a secret chamber...

You listen to the voice and agree to help it. It turns out that the voice comes from the demons disembodied spirit and it wishes to be returned to its body but cannot until someone returns its stolen Life Stone back to its body. The voice says you will be greatly rewarded if you return the demons Life Stone to it. You must go and search the badlands for the Life Stone and return to the monolith with it.

You come across the skeletal remains of someone and something catches your eye. Within the remains is a gleaming gem! It must be the Demon Life Stone. Will you take it? You have taken the gem that you believe to be the demons Life Stone. You must now return to the Monolith. (You gain the Demon Life Stone)

You have returned to the Secret Chamber in the monolith. The voice comes to you again asking for the Life Stone. Will you give over the Life Stone?

You place the Life Stone on the dead demon and al of a sudden it springs to life. "Thank you for making me whole again. Here is a gift for brave warriors such as yourself" you accept the mace and suddenly the demon vanishes and you make your way out of the monolith. (You gain the Demonic Fire Mace and 54,022xp)