The Main Course

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389 Dark Blade (14,14) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Cage Key from Dark Blade Orc
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Dark Blade (3,3)


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The dark rock walls give an eerie feel. Sound bounces of the narrow passages which make gauging the distance of oncoming threats interesting to say the least. When you hear the sound of soft sobbing then, you at first disregard it as a figment of your imagination. But it persists, you turn a corner and see a Dark Orc goading a woman held in a rough wooden cage.

The Orc is surprised to see you, but his surprise does not last long, 'Oh please have you the key? If I don't get out of here they are going to eat me!' When you look lost the Woman babbles on, 'One of those Dark Blade Orcs must have the Cage Key, please get it quickly and get me out of here.'

After the hunt for the Dark Blades you return to the Woman in the cage, 'Do you have the Cage Key?' She begs, her voice edged with desperation.

The cage opens with a squeak, the Woman stands rooted to the spot staring at the open door. You reach out to her and she takes a slow step toward freedom, then runs into your arms. 'Oh thank you. I hate to be a further burden to you. But I'm no fighter, please take me to my husband, we were traveling through the region to get to a better life. He will be in our caravan. I don't know where he is now, but he will not have just left me.'

After a long trek through this bleak land you stumble across a caravan, a man sits in the Drivers seat, his head in his hands.

You hail the man in the Caravan, the Driver raises his head, his eyes look past you and joy fills his face. 'Lisa, I had lost all hope. Thank you Sir, I am forever in you debt. Take this ring my Grandfather had. I hope it will be of use to you. Come on love, lets get out of this land as fast as possible.' You gain 498,077 and 1 x Ring of Rathar.