The Heat of Ambition

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400 City of Xinderoth (15,3) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 20 Xindor Fire Breathers
  3. Return to Start


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You hear a pitiful howl through the streets.

Within a circle of amazed people, you see a posh looking woman dousing down a dog. It's smoking! The woman looks at the circle of people and shrieks, 'Who is going to help me!' The crowd slowly disperses leaving you staring at the smoldering pooch. 'You're a Warrior I see, I was attacked by one of those Xindor Fire Breathers. She was demanding money! I never saw her until it was too late. Something must be done! Teach those silly fools a lesson, if you give 20 Xindor Fire Breathers a good thrashing I'll reward you.'

The dog is no longer smoking when you return. The posh woman looks disdainfully at you, 'Have you given 20 of those Xindor Fire Breathers a lesson they won't forget?'

The posh woman nods curtly, 'Good, I have no idea why entertainers think they are so important. If they only put that amount of energy into an honest living they would be richer than me! Well one good turn deserves another, here take these. One must help the less fortunate at times. They're last season you understand, so obviously I can't be see in them. I do hope it doesn't clash with your other attire too much.' You gain 571,689 xp + 1 x High Class Gloves