The Gralli Totem

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251 Gerlond (South) (3,9) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Gerlond (South) (10,12)
  3. Kill 60 Gralli Warriors
  4. Return to Gerlond (South) (10,12)


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You come across a lone staggering man. He needs your help. You give him some water and he tells you that he has escaped from being sacrificed to the dark god of the Gralli. He then asks if you will avenge his family for him as they all perished in the Gralli`s rituals. Will you do this for him?

You agree to do this for him. The man tells you that the Gralli sacrifice people at their totem on the far side of the area.

You have reached the Gralli totem. It is well guarded by Gralli Warriors but you care not because they are the exact creatures you are here to destroy! Will you charge in and destroy these heathens?

You charge into the Gralli Warrior group but they are startled by the courage of one warrior against many and scatter. You must hunt down the 60 Gralli Warriors and return to the totem.

You return to the totem. Have you killed the Gralli Warriors who guarded this place?

The totem is now deserted except for the bodies of the sacrificed. You give these poor soles a decent burial near by then return to investigate the totem. During your look around you find the Grallis sacrificial blade. You gain 1 x Gralli Sacrificial Blade & 263,551 xp.