The Frozen Tower

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234 Asjal (North) (4,9) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 50 Blue Tigers
  3. Go to Asjal (North) (12,12)
  4. Kill 3 Blue Tiger (Champion)s
  5. Go to Asjal (North) (12,12)
  6. Return to Start


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You find a old lookout tower, will you climb to the top?

As you reach the top you see a large crystal of energy to the East, the area is crawling with Blue Tigers, if you want to reach the crystal you will need to defeat 50 of them.

You finally reach the crystal, you see that the crystal is drawing power from some sort of ancient looking item lying on the ground. Did you manage to slay the Blue Tigers?

As you pick up the item 3 champion Blue Tigers stalk in towards you. You will have to deal with them.

Did you survive the encounter and slay the Blue Tiger Champions?

You feel this area is still not safe so you make haste back to the watch tower.

You return to the tower and climb to the top for some well earned rest, will you examine the item you found?

The item appears to be part of a long lost set, a rare find indeed. You gain 1 x Boots of Lost Power & 237,016 xp.