The Fire Portal

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248 Ralath (East) (15,9) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Ralath (East) (5,11)
  3. Kill 50 Fire Dolls
  4. Return to Start


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You come across a fiery portal. From a safe distance you can see demons are using it to enter this world from their own. From your look out point you can see a battle scared man coming towards you. Will you go speak to him?

You go to the man and speak to him. He tells you that he has discovered a magic water that will extinguish the portal from this world. However the demons discovered his plan and almost killed him. You agree to help him destroy the portal and he tells you that the magical water can be found in the hot springs to the west of the portal.

You come across the hot springs. Will you take out your water holder and fill it with the magical water?

You fill up the water holder and turn round to go back to the portal. However it would seem the demons have found out about your plan also and many demons block the path back to their portal. You will have to fight your way there. There are roughly 50 Fire Doll demons to be extinguished. You gain 1 x Hot Spring Water.

You have finally made it back to the fire portal. Have you destroyed all the Fire Dolls that blocked your way?

Now that it is safe from the demons for the time being you take your chances and throw the Hot Spring Water into the fire portal. It works and the the portal extinguishes and disappears. The adventurer comes to you and thanks you for helping complete the task. He awards you 40,000 gold, 275,653 xp and 1x Anube Eye.