The Fallen Bear

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271 Ofron Islands (North) (7,12) [none]



  1. Go to Ofron Islands (North) (7,12)
    • Talk to The Prophetess of the Golden Order
  2. Obtain Ursas Xind Tainted Helm from Ursa the Great Bear (Legendary)
  3. Return to Ofron Islands (North) (7,12)
  4. Go to Ofron Islands (North) (10,7)


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You come across a Golden temple, the Prophetess of the Golden Order greets you as you draw near. 'Welcome Warrior, the Mage Xinderoth has been slain. With his last breath he cast a curse upon the world. This reached even to heaven it's self. The Mighty Ursa has been freed. His very nature twisted by his imprisonment, he has fallen from the stars to destroy all around him. But I saw a lone Warrior standing against the raging Spirit. That was you. Go destroy Ursa the Great Bear (Legendary). But I fear the curse of Xinderoth didn't just free Ursa, it also tainted the Spirit as well. Acquire Ursas Xind Cursed Helm, and I shall cleanse it from it's corruption as a token of thanks.'

The Prophetess looks sadly to the heavens, 'I hope Ursa can finally find peace.'

The Prophetess greets you as you return, 'Have you slain Ursa the Great Bear (Legendary) and retrieved the Xind Tainted Helm?'

You give the evil pulsing helm to the Prophetess, 'Well done, such a deed was not easy to accomplish. I foresee dangerous times ahead of you, but with perseverance you shall overcome. Please follow me to the Shining Altar. I shall remove the curse from he helm.'

The Prophetess of the Golden Order leads you from the temple deep into the demon infested island. She has no fear of them. They seem to be repelled by her very presence. You eventually come to an ancient altar.

The Prophetess holds the bear shaped helmet as one who has lost something very dear, she finally rises the helmet aloft and offers a silent prayer. There is the slightest hint of a breeze. When you look again at the helmet, the pulsing xind energies are gone, replaced by shining stars. 'Take this brave Warrior as a token of gratitude for putting the Great Star Bear hopefully to rest. Wear it with honour.' You receive 329,267 xp + 1 x Helm of Ursa