The Demon Bone

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121 Ethereal Graveyard (10,3) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Ethereal Graveyard (5,17)
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Ethereal Graveyard (11,16)
  5. Return to Start


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As you wonder through the Ethereal Graveyard you stumble upon a freshly dug grave. Interested to see what lies within you take a peek. You are surprised to see an Elven wizard dressed in black sat in the grave amongst a pile of bones looking confused. The wizard spots you and explains that he has travelled here trough a magic portal in search of a specific demon bone for a magic ceremony he is performing and asks you if you would like to help him find it?

"Thank you for helping me out adventurer. Return to me with the bone of a Lashick Devil."

As you search the graveyards and piles of bones you see a bone that catches your eye.

As you examine the bone you realise that you have found a Lashick Devil leg bone. So you take it and head back to the Elf wizard. (You Gain the Demon Bone)

"Ah your back and with the bone I take it?"

You show the Wizard the bone. "That’s not the right bone!" proclaims the Elf Wizard. "Go away and find me the correct bone this time!" You wander away and resume your search for the right bone...

Looking around in the old bone piles you notice they all look roughly the same as the last one you had. But then you see one unlike the others...

Having Examined the new strange bone you decide it must be the Lashick Devils bone and head off again to the wizard. (You gain the Lashick Devil Bone.)

"Ah warrior you have returned. I trust you have the correct bone this time?"

"Ah-ha! Well done! Now I can go and complete my ceremony. For your troubles I will give you this magic rune stone to help you on your travels." (You gain the Rune of Dagt and 56,530 xp.)