The Chase

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146 Grintz Forest (South) (15,12) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Grintz Forest (South) (13,3)
  3. Kill 5 Great Orb Spiders
  4. Return to Grintz Forest (South) (13,3)
  5. Go to Grintz Forest (South) (8,6)
  6. Return to Start


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You come across an Elf woman sitting on the decking. She calls out to you for some help. She can’t speak in your language verry well but you understand her enough and she tells you that she’s too ill to carry on her journey. Will you help her?

She tells you of a local healer in the west of the Forest that should be able to supply the medicine to help her get better again.

You approach a hut that should be the healers. The hut has a young Elf sitting outside it and after speaking to him he tells you he’s the healer and that he needs you to kill 5 Great Orb Spiders to be added to the medicine for it to work. Will you do this for him?

You must go and kill 5 Great Orb Spider spiders and return to the healer

You have returned to the Healers hut. The healer Elf seems to be surprised you have returned. And asks if you have killed the Great Orb spiders? As you go to give the Elf healer the Orb spiders the Elf gets up and runs away shouting that he was sent by his master to make sure you didn’t get any further in your adventure. You have been tricked and the Elf wasn’t the healer. Will you Search the hut for the real healer?

You search the hut and find a note saying that the healer is away for the week in the north of the area gathering special tree herbs and if anyone need his help that they will have to find him. You will have to go find the healer.

You come across an old man gathering tree herbs. It must be the real healer! Will you approach him?

You approach him and tell him of the sick Elf woman. He is more than happy to help out and gives you some medicine for her. Now you must return to the Elf woman and give her the medicine. You gain 1x Grintz Medicine. You gain 1x Herb medicine.

You have returned to the Elf woman. She is looking in a worse way than before. Will you give her the medicine?

You give her the medicine and it seems to make her healthy instantly and she perks up and thanks you for saving her life! She rewards you greatly before leaping into the trees and vanishing from sight. You gain 1 x Grintz Hallows Armor and 82,564 xp.