The Brother's Visions

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323 Peitha (East) (3,3) [none]



  1. Go to Peitha (East) (3,3)
  2. Go to Peitha (East) (3,12)
  3. Obtain Tail of an Ankylosaurus
  4. Return to Peitha (East) (3,12)


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There is a Tepee ahead of you. Smoke twirls out from the centre of the small structure.

An old man covered in war paint greets you: 'Hello my friend, I have been expecting you for some time! I had a vision some months ago that a warrior from a far off land would come hither. I believe my brother can help you in your travels by making you a great weapon. Travel south from here and you'll come accross his dwelling place.

Another Tepee surrounded in mist is before you. You realize this could be where the old man was talking about.

A man with a croaky voice looks up at you, showing his face which is covered in strange tribal symbols. He says 'You must be the one whom my brother has envisaged. Bring me the Tail of an Ankylosaurus and I shall construct for you a great Club to protect you on your journeys.'

Have you brought me the Tail of an Ankylosaurus my friend?

The man retreats into his tepee for a while. You hear bashing and hammering sounds emitting from the small tent like structure...He returns and presents you with a new weapon. He says: 'May this club protect you in your quests to come my friend!' You gain 1 x Ankylosaurus Club & 343,220 XP.