The Bronze Tribe

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302 Selari (South) (9,13) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 30 Proto Orcs
  3. Go to Selari (South) (11,4)
  4. Return to Start


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You come up to a small village. The Neanderthal villagers come out and greet you. You learn that the tribe had moved here from Krysa after they discovered bronze in this area and learned how to use it. However they have a problem as the local Proto Orcs have stolen the tribes instructions on how to make bronze and need them back before the Orcs can make weapons with it. Will you aid them in this task?

You agree to help them recover the instructions. The tribe tell you that the Proto Orcs have the instructions hidden in a cave in the area. However the the Proto Orcs are on high alert so you will haveto kill 30 of them before it is safe enough to find the cave.

You have found the cave but have you killed enough of the Proto Orcs in the area to make entering the cave safe?

You enter the cave and find the bronze instructions. You quickly gather them up and head back to the village. You gain 1 x Bronze Instructions.

You have returned to the village. Will you give the tribesmen the Bronze Instructions?

The Neanderthal tribesmen are happy you have brought back their plans and that the Proto Orcs have had no time to use them. They reward you with one of the finest made bronze items they have. You gain 1 x Bronze Sheild of Selari & 354,519 xp.