The Bitter End

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433 Lonely Isle Smugglers Cove (3,4) Pirate Queens Map, Sea Eroded Key



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to A Sandy Spot Pirate Queen (6,5)
  3. Kill 1 Pirate Queen Blackbury (Elite)
  4. Return to A Sandy Spot Pirate Queen (6,5)
    • Receive 1 gold_button.gif
  5. Go to Pirate Queens Den (7,5)


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The Smugglers Cove is quiet haven for the Pirates to land their ill gotten hauls. As you walk the sandy beach you see a Pirate standing looking out to sea. You greet the man as you draw near. The Pirate jumps at you voice. 'Sorry I was watching for boats. It's my job to protect the Sandy Spot from those who would steal from the Pirate Queen. This is my duty now She has taken my place. But I'll give the one who kills that heartless wench my last gold coin. If only I knew where the Sandy Spot was, but the Pirate Queens Map is lost to me.

The Pirate takes the map from you, 'I don't believe it, the Pirate Queens Map! Let's have a look at it:


Now we know where she is, I can finally get rid of her! Come on let's go and find that worthless harlot.'

The Pirate stands looking around obviously nervous.

He sags a bit, 'I've never been here before, only Captain Guzak Guzh has ever been here. He loads up the loot for the Pirate Queen. That's why she has him you see, he is far stronger than other men so he can lift far more so only he knows where the Stash is. Go kill her and I'll let you into the Pirate Queen Stash. I copied the key when the Orc was drunk once. Though I fear it might all be for nothing, if we don't have the Sea Eroded Key. I don't know where that is. But we'll cross that bridge once we meet it, First go kill the Pirate Queen Blackbury.

The Pirate Greets you, 'Is the Pirate Queen Blackbury dead?'

At this news he looks to the sky, 'She has manipulated us Pirates for far too long. But no one would move against her because of that Captain Guzak Guzh. He was a formidable warrior and totally loyal to her. But this is a new day! I shall open the Den for you now, oh and here's your Gold coin as well. You gain 1 gold.

The small cave has a secretive feel to it. Within the dark you find a large chest.

You draw out the Sea Eroded Key. The chest opens on well oiled hinges, you gasp when you see that it is full of gold coins. Only After you take several handfuls do you see see the Pirate Queen true treasure, the Pirate Queen Diamond. You receive 785,637 xp and 1 x Pirate Queen Diamond and 100,000 gold.