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Do not edit this page!

This is a very advanced template. If you know of changes that need to be made to this template but do not know how to edit templates or how templates are supposed to work, please use this template's talk page to ask someone else to make the changes.

Improperly editing this page may cause the template to stop working.


How to Use

This template creates an empty quest book checklist that lists all the known quests, their locations, and their levels. As this template is updated with the newest quests added to the game, it will automatically update all pages using this template to also include those quests.

Basic Instructions

To start using this template, copy the following code to the page where you wish to use it:


Adding Quests

Every quest has a unique parameter name which can be used to have the questbook show if that quest is complete, incomplete, or has not even been taken. These are c for complete, i for incomplete, or n for 'not taken.' To add a quest's information, change the code so it looks like:


If a quest's parameter name is not given, it will automatically default to n. However, if the quest's parameter name is listed, a value must be given or the template will malfunction.

Optional Parameters

The following optional parameters can be added to give the questbook a more custom appearance:

|table-style=           (css)
|title-style=           (css)
|column1-width=         #
|column2-width=         #
|column3-width=         #
|column4-width=         #
|column5-width=         #
|quest-style=           (css)
|quest-cell-style=      (css)

All Quest Parameters