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Do not edit this page!

If you need to customize this template to fit your own needs, copy the code into a fresh template and work from there. If you think this template needs changed, mention it on the Talk Page.

Editing this page may cause the template to stop working properly for other pages currently using this template.

How to Use

This template emulates the backpack on your fallensword profile page by creating a table with the blank backpack boxes and a transparent table background so it can be placed on any color background. Items are put into the backpack slots by adding the image urls into the template.

This template also allows you to link those images to the item's wiki page. However, you must take care to use underscores (example: Shield_of_Girath) for any spaces in the item's page name. If you do not have enough items to fill all of the slots, it is recommended that you use one of the templates with fewer slots. However, if you absolutely must have them empty, just leave out the parameters.

If you wish to use this template, copy the following code and insert it into your page:

Code Output
[[[:Template:Fullurl:]] ]


Code Output

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