Taking Ground

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357 Underground Passages (Outer) (2,14) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 20 Dusk Goblin Rider
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Underground Passages (Outer) (15,2)
  5. Return to Start


  • 495,661 XP

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The passages out of the Nuzron Caves are narrow and foreboding. Light seems to be eaten by the Passages as well as sound. Suddenly as you enter a larger cavern you see a Dwarven Warrior dressed in Morukan Guard uniform.

He turns at you voice, 'Those sneaky little Goblins have a new trick up their sleeves. I don't know where they got the idea, but it's working for them. They now ride those huge lizards. We're finding it difficult to keep them down. They are wanting to extend their camp here in the Passages. Go kill 20 Dusk Goblin Riders, it'll help us out a lot.'

The Guard is sitting sharpening his axe, a Dusk Goblin lays at his feet, blood spreading over the floor at his feet. 'Have you got rid of 20 of those Dusk Goblin Riders?'

He nods, clearly impressed. 'They must be rearing these lizards somewhere within the Passages, find out and bring back an egg. Maybe then we might be able to find out where the beasts are coming from.'

You'll be glad to escape these dark twisting claustrophobic passageways. You come out into the largest caverns you've seen in the area yet. Deep in the corner you see a curious light. As you get closer you see that it's a wide column of rock. At it's top you see a rough wooden fence protecting something.

You look around to see if any of those wretched Dusk Goblins are watching, when the coast is clear you climb up the rock pillar and vault over the fence. Before you is a makeshift nest, a lizard lies inside, nursing her freshly hatched young. Quickly you snatch a large egg and make your escape. The Dwarven Guard will want to see your prize.

You navigate the narrow passages with some trepidation, but eventually you see the Guard smiling back at you. 'You got me one of those Lizard Eggs?'

He takes the large Lizard Egg and looks at it with interest. 'Would make a fine omelette I'd bet, thank you Warrior. I'll take this back to Morukan, we'll find out where they come from.' He waves you a hearty good bye and disappears from view. You gain 495,661 xp.