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469 Icebelt Edge (Upper) (15,7) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Serpent Saber Tooth from Dread Claw Sea Serpent
  3. Return to Start


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You meet a Qawi dressed in thick travel furs looking intently over the small island.

"Greet Qawi" At you voice he turns to you, 'Greeting to you to Warrior. I am the Village Weaponsmith, I wait for my assistant to return with the raw materials I need to make the Honer Blades that our Braves carry. But he is taking much longer than usual, I am beginning to worry about him. But I must get a Serpent Saber Tooth and finish the Blade. Could you please get me one. I fear my assistant will not return.'

The Qawi Weaponsmith greets you as you return, 'Did you harvest a Serpent Saber Tooth form the Dread Claw Sea Serpents?'

The Qawi takes the Tooth from you, 'This is a good Tooth, you have done well Warrior. I take it you didn't find any sigh on my Assistant on you journey?' At you silence he nods sadly. 'I am grateful to you Warrior, take this Saber Blade as a token of my thanks.' You receive 724,325 + 1 x Qawi Saber Blade