Swarmed Garrison

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158 Dokar (South) (3,8) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Find the garrison at Dokar (South) (13,13)
  3. Kill 20 Devil of Torment
  4. Return to Dokar (South) (13,13)


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High on the wastes you come across a young scout from a local army garrison. He runs to you calling for help. He tells you that his Garrison is camping on the peak and that they have been attacked by a group of Devils of torment looking for slaves and that he’s been sent to find reinforcements to help the depleted numbers of warriors in the camp. Will you help them?

You accept to help the swarmed garrison but first you must find it as the scout left before you could ask directions.

You see the camp in the distance and all around it lay corpses of some of the Devils but yet many more still attack the garrison. Will you call to the warriors that you are here to help them?

Your calls are answered and one warrior calls back saying that to make the horrors leave, around 20 Devils of torment will need to be killed then to return to receive your reward for helping them.

You return to the camp and are greeted by the exhausted warriors. They ask if you have done your bit in helping drive away the foul Devil's of Torment?

They are delighted for your support and reward you with one of their own honours as you fought like one of their own. You gain 1 x Hell Fire Medal and 89,302 experience.