Slime Nest

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195 Tower of Khazal (Level 2) (2,12) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Tower of Khazal (Level 2) (11,2)
  3. Kill 10 Carnivorous Slimes
  4. Return to Start


  • 124,840 XP
  • 14,000 gold_button.gif

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You enter a lonely part of the tower, you hear a ghostly low voice behind you. Dare you turn round?

You turn round to see a ghostly man. The ghost tells you not to be afraid. He asks you to avenge the deaths of his men who all died here in the tower after they had been devoured by the carnivorous slimes. He tells you of a nest of Slimes in the tower that should be destroyed. You head off to find the nest...

You find the nest and it is easy to squish the Slimes eggs with your boots, however this alerts the adult Carnivorous Slimes and now you have to fight to save yourself! Will you fight the Carnivorous Slimes?

You grab your weapon and brace yourself to fight. You must kill 10 Carnivorous Slimes before returning to the ghostly man to tell him you have avenged his men.

You return to the room where the ghostly man is. Will you tell him you avenged both him and his men?

You tell the ghost and then the ghostly man smiles then disappears. where his form once stood now lays a small chest of gold. You gain 14,000 gold and 124,840 Xp.