Skeletons Hoard

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441 Caves of Kreth (Level 1) (2,10) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Digestive Gland from Kreth Slime
  3. Return to Start
  4. Obtain Skeleton Chest Key from Kreth Slime
  5. Return to Start


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In the cold shadows of the Caves of Kreth you find a unsettling sight of a Skeleton holding a chest

You try to prise open the fingers of the Skeleton to free the chest, but the fingers do not budge. As you are now looking closely at the skeleton you, see that the bones are partially melted. Maybe the Kreth Slimes in the area will have something that will free the fingers from the chest.

You look at the Skeleton once again, but the fingers still hold the chest tight. Maybe the Slimes will have something that will free the fingers.

Taking the Digestive Gland in one hand you smear it over the fingers of the Skeleton. The bones instantly melt on contact with the corrosive fluids of the Gland. With the fingers gone the arms of the Skeleton fall easily from the chest. You try to take it but it is too heavy to lift. When you try to open the chest you find to your extreme frustration that it's locked. You look around the Skeleton but cannot find the key. If the Skeleton was killed by the Slimes, maybe one has the key.

The Skeleton sits in silence, the chest is still locked, if only you had the Skeleton Chest Key.

The key slips into lock easily. The lid creaks open. Inside you find the remains of a robe, but it has long since turned to dust and ruin. As you rummage through the dust you begin to wonder why the skeleton would hold onto the chest even into death. You are about to give up when your fingers hit something solid. You lift the Bane of Undeath from the dust. You receive 640,334 + 1 x Bane of Undeath