Silent Sacrifice

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387 Blood Eye (13,15) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 50 Blood Eye Orcs
  3. Return to start.


  • 627,406 XP

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You are tired from traversing this rough terrain. Surrounded by mountains and impossibly rocky terrain you have opted to take the low ground for your path. Though flat, the low ground is steeped in a thick mud, trampled underfoot by hordes of Blood Eye Orcs. As you stop to rest your eyes fix on a shape in the mud.

On closer inspection, you find a young man laying cowering in the mud. He is covered in war paint, the same type as the native Orcs from this area use. You ask him what has happened to him and why he is here, but he remains silent; probably to frightened to speak. Realizing that he must have been kidnapped and taken as a ritual sacrifice, you decide to exact revenge on the Orcs that brought him here.

Returning to the cowering young man you think to yourself: have I done him justice yet?

With a strong arm you pick the young man up and set him standing. 'Go!' You tell him. 'Make your way back to wherever they took you from.' Without a single word of thanks he starts to walk away from you and starts his journey home. You gain 627,406 XP.