Scuttling the Scuttlers

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792 The Lost Ascent (Central Chamber) (2, 13) [none]



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You encounter a human pacing back and forth muttering to himself. He seems troubled to say the least. 'They devoured my entire expedition! They were carrying an important vial of liquid, however I believe those scuttler creatures have devoured it. I would recover the vial, or whatever remains of it, myself but the creatures are just too dangerous for me to even attempt such a task! I don't suppose you would be willing to help me out?'.

'Excellent! I'll stay right here and wait for you.' The man grins.

You arrive back at the survivor of the expedition. He notices your approach and turns to greet you. 'Hey, did you manage to recover that vial?'

'Fantastic!..... Oh, you only got some of the liquid. Not to worry, it should be enough for me to replicate some more. Here, take this as a reward for your help. Must have been dangerous work!' You gain 3,007,067 XP and 'Amulet of Forligha'.