Restless Souls

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349 Maw of Dagoresh (6,2) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 20 Necromantic Terrors
  3. Return to Start


  • 437,229 XP

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The dark tunnels of the cave swallow you as well as the light, the very air you breath is chilled. You enter a small room and by the light of your lantern you can make out a strange carved pattern, etched into the very rock floor.

As your foot falls onto the pattern, it flashes a sickly green and a ghostly figure appears in front of you. 'I am Dagoresh, Lord of Ages. They tried to slay me with heroes bought with coin, but I slew them all and turned them to my will. The same fate shall befall all who violate my Domain.' As Dagoresh fades away, your anger starts to rise. No man deserves to suffer such a fate, you think to yourself: 'I shall slay 20 Necromantic Terrors and put their sorry souls to rest. I shall return to the carved pattern and see if I have gained Dagoresh's attention.'

The circle flashes into sickly green light, Dagoresh starts his rant, you think to yourself, 'Have I put those brave men to rest?'

You stand watching the Necromancer who has plagued this land for eons utter his timeless monologue. Then the apparition stutters and jerks then shatters as if struck by a hammer. You smile to yourself, the mighty Dagoresh had used the necromantic terrors as a power source for this spell. He had not counted on them being slain and spoiling his little light show. You turn from the now pointless carved pattern, 'now where is the little wretch?' You gain 437,229 XP.