Reluctant Hunter

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110 Lenzwer Forest (East) (7,7) [none]



  1. Kill 40 Lenzwer Pale Stags
  2. Go to Lenzwer Forest (East) (7,7)


  • 47,621 XP

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In the middle of the Lenzwer Forest you find an Elven Hunter. His bow is slung over his shoulder and he seems to be more intent on digging in the earth with his arrows rather than hunting with them.

At you voice the Elf jumps to his feet, 'Ah... Yes. You are correct. I cannot face my duty on this day. The Pale Stag is growing too numerous for the Forest to support. I have to whittle down their number. But the creatures are so beautiful. I cannot take their life. I see you are a stranger to these parts. Would you please slay 40 Lenzwer Pale Stags, I simply cannot go through with it?

The Elven Hunter sits sadly awaiting your return. \'Have you slain 40 Lenzwer Pale Stags?\'

He bows his head slightly at your words, 'Thank you, I must go and take this news back to my Elder. He is concerned about recent events in the Forest of late. At least the balance in this part of the Forest has been achieved. Your receive 47,621 Xp.