Regain the Whole

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537 Shroud Rim (Stitchers Tower Upper) (6,7) previous Lishka quests?



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 40 Shroud Necromancers
  3. Obtain Key of Sorrow
  4. Return to Start
  5. Go to Shroud Rim (Stitchers Tower Vault) (6,6)


  • 1,300,005 XP

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In the crumbling tower of the Necromancers Keep you find an ancient Sorcerer with a sly grin.

The grin broadens at your words, 'I am the Pain Keeper of this tower. I have to protect the vault that holds all our treasures. I see the Shroud lingers in your body, but I also sense a conflict. I will give you the entrance to the Vault if you will do me a small favor. My Brothers of the Order seem to think that protecting the Vault is a menial task, and have taken to goading me. Please kill 40 Shroud Necromancers and take a Key of Sorrow from their lifeless corpses – you shall become the instrument of my displeasure.'

The Keeper of Pain waits with the patience of death itself. 'Have you taken a Key of Sorrow and killed 40 Shroud Necromancers?'

The Old Necromancer takes the key, 'I'm so pleased that those arrogant Scourers have had a quick and painful death. I shall now open the Vault for you. I judge that you have had enough pain – for now. . . '

Surrounded by powerful Shroud Necromancers, the Soul Anchor stands before you.

The delicate crystal orb shatters at the heavy blow form your well used weapon arm. An inky mist oozes out of the shattered remains. You are now free from the influence of Lishka. Now you are free of her, are you going to free the World of her too? You receive 1,300,005 Xp