Rat Infestation

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125 Jahd Swamps (North) (4,14) [none]



  1. Go to Jahd Swamps (North) (15, 9)
  2. Kill 6 Iron Face Orcs
  3. Go to Jahd Swamps (North) (15, 9)
  4. Go to Jahd Swamps (North) (4, 14)


  • 60,451 XP
  • 5,000 gold_button.gif

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You come across a tower reaching up out of the swamps. As you take a look around the owner of the tower comes out and asks you to help him with his rat problem. Will you help?

You have agreed to help the tower owner and he tells you that he needs you to go to the old trappers hut and get some rat poison from him. Find the trappers hut and return with some rat poison.

You find the trappers hut. Will you go in and get the rat poison?

You go in and ask the old trapper for rat poison for the tower owner. The trapper says he would gladly give you rat poison if only he had some left as he has run out of the main ingredient of the poison, Orc blood. He needs you to go kill 6 Iron Face Orcs and return with their blood for the poison. You gain 1x Blood Jug

You have returned to the trappers hut. Have you filled the blood jug with the blood of 6 Iron Face Orcs?

The Old trapper brews up the Orc blood into the rat poison and gives you it to take back to the tower owner. You gain 1x Rat Poison

You have returned to the tower owner. have you got the Rat Poison?

You Give the Rat Poison to the tower owner. He is really happy that you helped him out and pays you well. You gain 60,451xp and 5,000 Gold.